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We are your link to the Japanese market
Without the right strategy, systems and know-how, introducing even superior products to Japanese customers can prove difficult. At APPEX we have for many years shared our knowledge of the Japanese market with overseas hi-tech manufacturers using our long time experience in this field.


APPEXʼ sales force covers a wide area of the Japanese manufacturing industry from optical to semiconductor customers. Through exclusive distributorships or special defined sales set-ups we work with technology leaders from all over the world.


Apart from servicing the installed base of sold systems, APPEX provides field service to a wide range of manufacturers of semiconductor and semiconductor related equipment from our service centers and stations conveniently located all over Japan.

APPEX’ service engineers all have a long experience in servicing process and production equipment from CVD, Etch, Steppers and optical systems. Continuous training, both at manufacturers’ location as well as internally keep APPEX engineers up-to-date in the latest technological development and repair procedures. Our service center is equipped with state-of the-art tools and test bench facilities.


The APPEX engineering team covers disciplines such as mechanical, electronics and plasma. Furthermore, our long experience within design of vacuum systems and sub- assemblies is available to our customers.


APPEX’ has own software group which can support localization or respond to specific customer requests.

Process Support & Development

APPEX has long experience in semiconductor processes, especially with plasma related applications. In our clean room we have installed both process and metrological systems on which our process engineers perform customer samples as well as assist in process support and development for and our customers.


To meet local demands and requests for additional specifications or features, APPEX offers assistance is in design and implementation based on many years of experience.


APPEX’ deep knowledge of local manufacturing procedures and well-connected purchase department makes local production an interesting option. Also, by using APPEX as a production base other growth markets in the Far East can be approached and covered adding ‘Made in Japan’ as an additional sales argument.

Project Finance

Through our cooperation with Sumitomo Mitsui Financial & Lease we can assist in providing project finance at competitive terms adding an additional parameter.