• Our Company
  • APPEX has over the past 40 years grown from a local based optical vendor to a company with a solid domestic and international foundation.
    We will continue to strength then our activities within our areas of core competence in the years moving forward to the benefit of our customers and business partners
Business Activities
・Sales & service of domestic and imported capital equipment
・Design, production, sales & service of semiconductor and related equipment for mass production as well as R&D
・Sales & service of vacuum components (vacuum pumps, leak detectors, gauges, vacuum systems etc)
・Design, production and sales of high precision parts
・Sales & service of optical lenses and related parts & accessories
・Strategic consulting for the Japanese high-tech industrial markets
Company Profile
Establishment January 1975
Location 〒106-0031 3-23-7. Nishiazabu Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL 03-3478-3536 FAX 03-3402-4838
Business Contents Development,Production, Sales and Solutions of High Tech Equipment
Capital ¥66 Million(January 2021)
Sales ¥4.17 Billion(Fiscal Year ending June 2019)
Number of Employee 132(January 2021)
Board of Directors President and Representative Director Haruhito Mikami
Managing Director Yasushi Matsumoto
Director Hirokazu Tsunokawa
Director kenichi Tsunoda
Director Yasuo Ichikawa
Director Hiroyuki Haraguchi
Auditor Takashi Imai
Business Partners 【Overseas】
Milestone Systems A/S (Denmark)
DELO Industrial Adhesives (Germany)
Cn1 Co., Ltd (Korea)
UniJet (Korea)
Obducat AB (Sweden)
Asahi Kogyo, Applied Materials Japan, Ikegami Communication Systems, Canon Inc, Canon ANELVA Corp, Canon Marketing Japan, Kyoshin Communication, SONY Semiconductor, SONY Finance International, Toshiba, JVC-Kenwood, Hitachi Kokusai Denki, Bridgestone, Sumitomo-Mitsui Financial & Lease, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitomo, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, Hakuto, Contact Corp, others
Company History
January 1975 Company founded in Tokyo, Japan as Eiraku APPEX
April 1976 Appointed distributor for Canon broadcasting lenses
March 1977 Appointed official service provider for Canon broadcasting lenses
November 1979 Established Kawasaki Factory
April 1980 Appointed official service provider for Canon semiconductor equipment
April 1983 Started field service for Canon semiconductor equipment
August 1983 Changed name to APPEX Corp
May 1986 Inaugurated Arai Factory for halogen lamp production
January 1988 Produced first semiconductor equipment for CVD-process
August 1993 Signed service agreement with Alcatel Vacuum Technology, France
June 1995 Inaugurated Ichikawa Factory
April 1996 Appointed distributor for Alcatel Vacuum Technology
April 1998 Initiated field service for Ultratech steppers
May 2000 Initiated activities for Alcatel Deep Etching Equipment
September 2001 Inaugurated demonstration room for Alcatel Deep Etching Equipment
June 2005 First deep etching equipment produced locally for Alcatel
May 2007 Opened Osaka office
December 2007 Inaugurated Shin Yokohama Technical Center for vacuum and optics sales and service activities
September 2008 Appointed distributor of Advanced Laser Separation International (ALSI)
August 2010 Appointed distributor of UniJet, Korea
October 2010 Appointed distributor of Nanoplas, France
October 2010 Appointed distributor of Milestone Systems A/S, Denmark
April 2011 Appointed distributor of PSM,Korea
August 2012 Appointed distributor of Fogale Nanotech, France, for optical and semiconductor products
June 2013 Initiated service for Carl Zeiss Microscopy
September 2013 Appointed distributor of Obducat AB,Sweden
September 2013 Appointed distributor of TRUMPF Huettinger GmbH + Co.KG
August 2015 Appointed distributor of DELO Industrial Adhesives, Germany
May 2016 Appointed distributor of AiSTRIX of Asahi Net, Inc., Japan