• Our Company
  • Connecting Japan and the world
  • APPEX' negotiation skills connect domestic customers
    and overseas manufacturers.
  • Setting up activities in Japan requires many aspects to be considered and analyzed. Language, requirements to products and organization, habits, demand and cost projections are just some of them. APPEX offers its long experience in acting as bridge between Japan and overseas to propose a suitable set-up and business plan for small and medium sized high-tech companies.

International Negotiation Skills get high Marks from Domestic Customers
APPEX’ experience in dealing with manufacturers from France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, USA, Korea, Taiwan is highly appreciated by our domestic customers
Embracing a wide area of Equipment Design
Mechatronic Engineering: Design of sub-assemblies or complete systems for semiconductor and related process equipment for R&D and mass production

Electrical Engineering: Electrical design & lay-out, testing etc

Design of software: Design & programing of system specific and interface (user/system) software
Development Power
We support and provide development assistance for control systems and semiconductor equipment and can offer our expertise in cases where customization or localization is required

We have experience with semiconductor process equipment such as CVD, etching, thin film deposition, MEMS, Alignment systems, semi and full automatic leak detection systems, wafer transport systems, FOUP handling, specially designed vacuum pumping systems, high precision cooling equipment etc
Flexible Production and Service Facilities
APPEX operates 3 locations in Japan equipped with facilities to support the various activities:

  • ・Ichikawa Factory: Cleanroom for semiconductor manufacturing and testing, full production facilities incl production management system, green purchasing and ISO14001 certified
  • ・Shin Yokohama Technical Center: Service facility for vacuum and optical products. ISO14001 certified
  • ・Arai Factory: Support facility for nationwide field service activities